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We are pleased to announce, following the further lifting of government restrictions, that we are safely re-opening the outdoor play area within Beach Cove.

Here are all the things you need top know about your visit to the Beach Cove.

How are we KEEPING everyone SAFE?

As always, our priority is the safety of you and our team, so we have taken steps to ensure this continues to be the case.

• We are restricting the number of children we allow into the play area. We will be allowing roughly half our usual capacity and we will be using the outdoor area only.
• New food menu with a focus on quick takeaway options
• Sanitising stations and regular cleaning of equipment​​​​

How much is the cost per child?

The sessions will be £4.75 per child, babies 6 – 12 months £1.00, per session.
We want to try and offer as much play opportunity to as many kids as we can, and by providing sessions we are giving more people the opportunity to play safely.

How many adults can enter?

To aid social distancing, we have to limit the number of adults to a maximum of 2 adults per child.
Will there be childminder / group discount?
As per our usual peak session policy, there be will no child minder or group discounts over summer.


Upon arrival to the Beach Cove we will ask you to queue outside. When the session opens a member of our team will welcome you in.

At reception we’ll be asking every visitor to sanitise their hands and book in with us. As part of the government’s regulations, we will need to take a name and contact number which is part of the “Track and Trace” scheme. We will not hold your information for any other reason.

Once inside, you’ll see that we’ve closed off our indoor play area, however you’ll still be able to take advantage of lots of seating outside. We have plenty of chairs and tables in our outdoor space for you to be able to relax and enjoy your visit with us. We have put up a marquee on the terrace to provide a large sheltered seating area.

What if it rains?

As we know, the Great British weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend you double check the weather forecast before arriving as there will be a strict no refund policy.
In the event very bad weather we make the dissension to close the play area we’ll keep you updated on our social media pages regarding this.
That said, we have put in place a large marquee to cover the seating area outside, which means that you can stay dry during the occasional shower.

Can I book a party?

At the moment we are not taking any party bookings until we can safely reopen indoor play.


We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening Rock Pool Cafe, which will serve takeaway food options for all the family. Although there will be a limited menu compared to normal, there will be lots of your favourites still on there for you to enjoy in our environmentally friendly takeaway packaging.
When you are ready to place an order, just make your way to our till points noting your table number. And we will bring your food to you when it is ready.
We’ll also still be offering a selection of hot and cold drinks, sweet treats as well as ice creams for you to enjoy.
All food must be consumed outside, so we’ll provide some disposable cutlery and napkins for you.

Can I bring a picnic?

Yes, if you wish to bring your own food and drink, you can do so and enjoy this outside. However please remember that we do not allow glass or any other breakable crockery.

How many people can sit together?

We have created enough space to ensure everyone is at least two meters apart (at the moment) with tables able to accommodate up to 6 people. We kindly ask that tables are not moved around to keep everyone safe, so if you visit and bump into other households, then please respect the social distancing rules.

What facilities are available?

Our toilets and baby changing facilities will be open and available. We just ask that everyone adheres to the guidance that we have in place.

Terms and conditions

Separate term and condition:
Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms related to covid-19 must follow the government guidelines and must NOT visit Beach Cove until the recommended isolation period is complete. 
Beach Cove is an unsupervised play area Rules of play
• Children must be supervised at all times – indoor and outdoor
• As the responsible adult we ask you to assess the capabilities of your children and ensure they use age appropriate play equipment safely and responsibly
• Adults may accompany small children on equipment, but care must be taken around other children • Height and age restrictions are in place for safety reasons and must be adhered to
• Food and drink (including chewing gum) are not permitted on any of the play equipment
• Smoking (including e-cigarettes) there is a designated smoking area for our visitors to use.
• Children must wear appropriate clothing - ideally legs and arms should be covered to minimise the risk of personal injury. All sharp items should be removed and pockets emptied of loose objects (jewellery, badges, belts etc) before using any play equipment
• Any children who have obvious recent injuries, or are unwell must not visit Beach Cove for at least 48 hours after their symptoms have ceased
• Photographs should only be taken of your own children. The use of video equipment (including mobile phones) is not permitted
• We reserve the right to restrict or close some areas in poor weather conditions when we consider this advisable for Health and Safety reasons
• All accidents must be reported to a member of staff and recorded in our accident book
• If accidents occur involving vomit, urine or faeces this must be reported to a member of staff immediately
• Fighting, bullying or any behaviour deemed destructive or inappropriate will not be tolerated. Any concerns/incidents should be reported to a member of staff.
• For safety reasons we ask that only disposable crockery & cutlery is used outdoors. Glass bottles are not permitted anywhere within The Beach Cove
• Alcohol is not permitted
• BBQʼs are not permitted
Indoor play equipment - CLOSED
Outdoor play equipment
Bouncing Pillows
• Adults may accompany small children on the Bouncing Pillows, but care must be taken around other children (max weight 125KG)
• Shoes must be removed, but socks should be worn
• No front flips or somersaults
• No fighting or pushing others
• Must not be used if wet
• At busy times we may limit numbers on at any one time and timed sessions may be in effect
Go Karts
• Adults can accompany small children on the Go Karts
• Only one child per Go Kart
• Go karts to drive in clock wise direction
• Children should wait for their turn behind the entrance line and exit the track as soon as their ride is finished
• Shoes must be worn at all times
• Only one child at a time to ride on (unless an adult accompanying a small child)
• Children to remain seated – no standing on the seat
• Children to move away from the area once their turn is finished
• No excessive force to be used to push children
Sand pits
• Only sand toys / buckets & spades to be taken in the sand pits
• No climbing on water trays
Trim trail /serpent swing
• Adults to ensure children are capable of using this equipment
• Shoes should be worn at all times

PLEASE share with your friends and family

We hope to see all of our wonderful customers soon! Thank you,

Team Beach Cove



The indoor and outdoor adventure play experience that will bring the seaside right into the centre is now open!

We've got loads for you to see and do!  The indoor play area known as 'The Caves' is ready for you all to enjoy, don't worry though adults can enjoy food and drink in the brand new 'Rockpool Cafe'!

Outside we have a whole host of treats for you, which includes an outdoor adventure playground featuring a zip wire, bouncing pillow, giant sand pit and electric car racing track!

Beach Cove, are also offering 'Weekly and Annual' passes these will be priced accordingly so you can enjoy the brand new leisure facility time and time again!


For any queries about the new Beach cove play area please email [email protected] or call 01964 204567!


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Opening Hours Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat 9:30am - 5pm, Sun 11am - 5pm